When someone you were close to dies the emotional strain you experience can be exacerbated by the burden of having to deal with what can seem like an overwhelming amount of bureaucracy and paperwork.

You may not:

  • Know if they left a Will or where a copy of that is to be found
  • Know who the Executors responsible for sorting their affairs are
  • Or even know where to start

As an Executor or Administrator, you are under strict legal obligations to:

  • Ensure that the debts of the Estate are settled
  • That any Taxes are paid and that
  • The assets of the Estate are distributed in accordance with the terms of the Will or the Rules of Intestacy

You can call on us to help you through this distressing and difficult time by letting us help:

  • Assist with the funeral arrangements
  • Arrange a valuation of assets in the Estate
  • Calculate Inheritance Tax on assets and advise on possible means of reducing any potential liability
  • Obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Settle any tax liabilities arising during the winding up of the Estate
  • Arrange a sale or auction of assets
  • Arrange payment of any debts and legacies
  • Collecting in and distribute the assets amongst the beneficiaries
  • Administer the deceased’s estate correctly according to the law and distribute the assets to those who are entitled to them. This may be in accordance with a Will or the Intestacy Rules when no Will has been made

You will receive a detailed set of accounts at the end of the Administration showing exactly what has been dealt with and how the Estate has been distributed.

Our experience is that from time to time disputes arise between beneficiaries as well as between those included in a Will and those excluded. You will probably find it difficult to remain impartial if those involved are known to you so if that situation arises let us assist in whatever way we can

Our aim is to help you through what can be a very distressing time by putting our expertise at your disposal and simplifying what can be a complex procedure.

Contact us now if we can help you with any aspect of administering an Estate you are dealing with. We will discuss what is involved and give you an estimate of the costs involved and try and agree those in advance.